Do The Impossible

My Crash Course on Presidential Politics Inside the Howard Dean Campaign

"You've got to read this book.  It really is fun.  I loved it!" - Gov. Howard Dean

O’Connor doesn’t deny lingering ‘Deaniacs’ the chance to relive their hero’s unlikely ascent to the apex of the American political scene.” - Vermont's Rutland Herald newspaper

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About the Book


"What do you think about me running for president?"

Some people laughed, many were skeptical and still others were indifferent when Howard Dean floated the idea in 2000. But just three years later, the onetime Vermont governor — drawing record crowds and contributions — was poised to win the Democratic nomination.

Written by a longtime aide, this book offers an insider’s view of the unlikely juggernaut that captivated grassroots voters and confounded the political establishment. Starting with the bid’s humble beginnings, the day-to-day account chronicles both the highs and lows as Dean and his staffers learn how to deal with the press, other politicians and the double-edged nature of popularity.

DO THE IMPOSSIBLE: My Crash Course On Presidential Politics Inside The Howard Dean Campaign is a revealing read for anyone who followed Dean for America or just wants to know what really happens inside a presidential campaign.

KATE O'CONNOR served as an aide to Howard Dean from his swearing-in as Vermont governor in 1991 to the last day of his presidential candidacy in 2004.


Made in Vermont

Like the Dean campaign, this book is a grassroots, Green Mountain product – hence the decision to publish it through Vermont's family-owned Northshire Bookstore.

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